Sharon Gannon on the Meaning of Life

Headshot-2014Excellence Reporter: Sharon, what it the meaning of life?

Sharon Gannon: The meaning of life is to drop all the meanness. To choose kindness over meanness is to live a meaningful life.

There is nothing that we actually own—all we really have in life is our affect upon others. To live in a way that our lives enhance the lives of others is to engage in the project of remembering who we really are—remembering our connection to God and the goodness of our eternal souls.

If we can be courageous enough to let go of complaining and blaming and seeing ourselves as victims then we have a real chance of discovering true happiness. A happy person is a person who brings happiness to others.


~Sharon Gannon is an author, animal rights activist, musician and yoga practitioner, perhaps best known as the co-founder along with David Life of the Jivamukti Yoga Method.

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