Dorothy Walters on The Meaning of Life

Dorothy Age 86Nicolae Tanase: Dear Dorothy, what is the meaning of life?

Dorothy Walters: I think the “meaning” of life is well beyond our understanding.  However, the purpose of life is to find ways to return to our divine origin. Yeats said, “Man can embody truth, but never know it..”  I agree with Yeats.


~Dorothy Walters, Ph. D., spent many years as a university professor of English and Women’s Studies. During that time she helped to set up one of the first women’s studies programs in the country and was active in the early feminist and gay liberation movements. In 1981 she experienced a dramatic spiritual transformation through spontaneous Kundalini awakening, an event that put her in close contact with the feminine divine. Since then, she has focused on writing prose and poetry about the spiritual journey, much of it inspired by Rumi, and helping others undergoing similar deep inner transformation. She has published several books of both prose and poetry relating to the mystic path and publishes a blog at

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