Excellence Books: Made In America

Excellence Values from an excellent book by Sam Walton – Made In America

Job security lasts only as long as the customer is satisfied.

k2-_d5d0373f-baba-45da-a08c-8d5add2c435d.v1Through our combined efforts the kids received your everyday heartland upbringing, based on the same old bedrock values: a belief in at the importance of hard work, honesty, neighborliness, and thrift.

The way management treats the associates is exactly how the associates will then treat the customers.

I think anytime the employees at a company say they need a union, it’s because management has done a lousy job of managing and working with their people.

Take care of your people, treat them well, involve them, and you won’t spend all your time and money hiring labor lawyers to fight the unions.

To succeed in this world, you have to change all the time.


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