Life Lessons from Howard Schultz

Highlighting Excellence Life Lessons from THE JUNE 2014 ISSUE OF INC. MAGAZINE

howard-schultz-bw_36934You can’t teach heart. I love to surround myself with people who have heart and conscience.

What went wrong at Starbucks a few years back?

The company started to reward the wrong things — financial metrics tied to the stock price and the albatross of comp-store sales, rather than the values that inspire our people.

What is innovation?

Innovation is having the courage to make bets on new categories and experiences. The future of Starbucks is linked to our ability  to create game-changing innovation.

I do believe that the rules of engagement for a public company have changed, and there’s an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate a role in society that’s beyond profitability and shareholder value.

How do you look at the competitive landscape today?

We control our destiny. I don’t spend a lot of time on the competitive set.

How personally do you take business?

Starbucks is not in business for Howard Schultz. Howard Schultz is in business for Starbucks. The company will evolve and survive long after me, because it’s built for that.

What have you learned about yourself overthe past six years?

With so many competing voices, I learned to trust my own intuitive sense.

Any life advice?

Don’t settle! Embrace a dream — and keep dreaming. Don’t be a bystander. Take it personally.

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